Ralph Ellis’s expertise, experience and guidance proved to be the most important component of our daughter’s successful college acceptance process. Ralph "debugged" the challenging and confusing process of deciding best fit schools to apply to as well as the application processes. I recommend Ralph’s services to students and their families seeking to have a positive and successful college selection and application experience.

--Terry Borshoff, Brighton Parent


Ralph Ellis came highly recommended to us by a friend. As parents we felt lost in the college search process. We weren’t even sure where to begin. In addition to that our son did not know what area he wanted to study or what type of college he wanted to attend. The entire process was something we were all dreading.

We set up our first appointment with Ralph during our son’s junior year. In a very short amount of time Ralph had our son complete his interest inventory, created a list of potential colleges for our son to look at, helped him choose a topic for his essays as well as helped fine tune them, helped him make phone calls to admissions offices and head of departments to get questions answered, connected him to a one on one tutor for SAT and ACT prep, worked with him on interview techniques and much, much more. All of this was accomplished stress free.

Our son did not argue with us about what had to be done one time. He really enjoyed working with Ralph and when Ralph told him something needed to be done by a certain date it was completed. All of the work that Ralph did with our son not only helped him gain acceptance into every college he applied to, but also helped him improve his test scores, improve his essay writing ability, and interview techniques, but most importantly it helped him gain the confidence and independence he will need not only in college but in life.

We just returned from college orientation and after 2 days on campus we all agreed that it is the right fit for our son. He can’t wait to get started on his college career. We can now highly recommend Ralph to our friends and are looking forward to working with him again very soon as our youngest son begins the college search process. Thanks Ralph for all of your hard work and care. It is obvious by your excitement and dedication how much you enjoy what you do.

--Danny & Jackie Carman, Geneseo Parents


My youngest son began working with Ralph Ellis in his junior year. Ralph’s process and services made the entire college search and application process much smoother. The constant prodding, misinformation and adversity during the process with my older son was virtually eliminated with my younger son with Ralph in the picture. The fact that we were able to accomplish his resume for the application process well in advance of the application deadlines was invaluable. In addition, the interview coaching and practice is a priceless skill that my son can carry through for a lifetime.

Ralph is knowledgeable and helps keep the parents and student on track by making suggestions and recommendations based on facts and experience and not emotion. Ralph was honest and assertive in setting proper expectations regarding stretch schools and admission probability. His recommendations included both safe and stretch schools and his final list of schools for my son included schools we never would have thought of. I highly recommend Ralph and his services to any parent/student entering the college search and application process. Believe me, it will help your relationship with your child by avoiding all the back and forth nagging that wreaks havoc in the household during that time.

--Karen Kelly, Pittsford Mendon Parent


When I entered 12th grade, I hadn't given a thought about what my options were for college or what I wanted to study. Without knowing where to begin, I was overwhelmed with information about the application process. This is where Ralph came to the rescue! He helped with everything I could have possibly asked for, including brainstorming about and proofreading my essay, and helping me select colleges that I felt were a best fit for me. Ralph even printed out information for me to look over and keep about each college I was considering. He was there every step of the way, even as I made my deposit. Afterward, he went above and beyond to give me advice on moving in, the first day of classes, and getting settled. Ralph is organized, efficient, and professional; I felt confident and was never confused. But on top of everything, it felt like this part of my life was equally important to him as it was for me. Thank you for everything, Ralph!

--Evelyn Chang, Pittsford Sutherland Graduate


As a parent I sometimes feel that our life is going so fast, we certainly won’t be able to get it all done. Approaching Clay’s junior year, we ran into Dr. Ellis, aka Ralph, at a wrestling tournament. He came to our home, described his services, and we were hooked. We had a plan of attack for our college decisions. Clay knew his interest. Ralph swooped into our lives, organized Clay, educated Clay and became an advisor.

From listening to other parents, the biggest thing I noted was that they were struggling with their kids to accomplish what we had done with Ralph – stress free. He researched the best schools. He coached Clay in interview techniques. He helped organize his activity resume. He helped brainstorm and proofread his thesis. Most importantly, I did not have one negative conversation with Clay about the college pursuit. He needed no nagging, no reminding and he got it done.

As we were leaving the University of Illinois, the head of the Architecture School shook Clay’s hand and said, “Clay, wherever you go, the school that gets you will be lucky. You are a well spoken young man, and it shows you know who you are and what you want. I am very impressed with you.” He was accepted at every school he applied to (Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Drexel University, University of Illinois, Southern Illinois University). I know Clay works hard, but I also know that the colleges were sold on him because of the tips and learning that Ralph bestowed on Clay. Ralph took my lump of coal and processed him into the diamond that we all knew was there. Congratulations Clay and congratulations Ralph. Two kids yet to go - so stay in business till 2015.

--Amy Phelps, Geneseo Parent


When we first began the college process it seemed almost too overwhelming to bear. Between essays and applications it’s hard to know where to start first. There are hundreds of colleges, with names and reputations that seem fantastic, but how can one know where they want to start their life? This is where Mr. Ellis came into the picture. He devised a solid plan in which I would be taught to make myself look the best I can. He promised to help me hone my interviewing skills, critique my essay, and offer any assistance with any of my issues.

Mr. Ellis did nothing short of this. In fact, he went above and beyond. We practiced my interviewing skills intensively, and under his guidance I polished all the rough edges and perfected key aspects which have not only helped me with my college admittance, but have already gotten me a few local jobs, and I am sure that if it were not for Mr. Ellis’s tutoring, I would not have been able to achieve it. When it came down to essay revisions and ideas, he spent endless amounts of time and effort reading and rereading my drafts and would not let me give up when it was just "alright."

When it came down to it, Mr. Ellis was always there, always willing and ready to help me with the entire process. He was always available. He realized where my stress came from because he has not only worked in a school counseling office before, but has gone through it with his own kids. His guidance and quality of assistance was unparalleled and for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you, Mr. Ellis, for everything.

--Adam Undelson, Pittsford Sutherland Graduate


We have really enjoyed working with Ralph Ellis and found his services to be most beneficial. He was very thorough and conscientious and he certainly made the process of choosing and applying to college much easier and saner… for ALL of us! It was also obvious that Dr. Ellis truly cared about us and he went above and beyond to guide us towards the best choice. He also followed up with helpful tips for moving into campus life. We would certainly recommend Dr. Ellis for any family making this important decision.

Jeffrey, Lyn & Gavi Springut, Rochester, NY