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How Do I Pick a College?

Carefully, and only after considerable evaluation of oneself and potential colleges.  Unfortunately, many times colleges are selected on criteria that may not lead to schools that are a best fit, criteria such as popular schools, where friends attend, and overreliance on college rankings.  More helpful criteria may include average classroom size, academic programs that match a student’s interests, quality of the programs for students with disabilities, availability of internships/coops, and others depending on the student.

Why Should I Use an Independent Educational Consultant?

Educational consultants do not take the place of school counselors, just as math tutors do not replace math teachers. Many school counselors serve over 250 students, sometimes as many as 400, and they deal with many student issues in addition to college selection. Educational consultants specialize in the college selection and application process, accept about 20 – 40 students at one time, and serve as personal guide for those students and families through the entire process. Also, parents consistently report that utilizing an educational consultant significantly reduces family stress.

Is College Career Consulting Just for High School Students?

No. Setting the proper expectations for those close to entering high school as well as having a second set of eyes checking courses can be very helpful. We also serve transfer students (including those in community colleges) and returning older students.

We Provide:

  • List of best fit colleges
  • Essay proofreading
  • College interview/visit preparation
  • Career assessment
  • Application assistance
  • Financial aid advising

We Counsel:

  • High school students
  • Athletes
  • Students with disabilities
  • Middle school students
  • Community college students
  • Returning older students

What Our Clients Say:

    When it came down to it, Mr. Ellis was always there, always willing and ready to help me with the entire process. His guidance and quality of assistance was unparalleled and for that I am truly grateful.

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